Benefits and Risks Grow Yarn Thread Lift

Currently the artist and the model again crowded treatment plant thread. Well that is not the know, but it does already know, yes, I want to discuss the benefits and risks of planting thread lift. who knows it could be a consideration for you who are planning to take action thread lift, this could be a very useful reference material, check it out

Planting thread is a part of medical practice as well as other actions that are handled by a doctor, which each medical action always has its benefits as well as risks that might occur. it all depends on the methods and conditions of the human body are different from each other. on this page we will discuss what are the benefits and what Thread lift also possible risks of this action, even though the action is considered as an act of nonsurgical safest in correcting parts of the body and skin.

Basically action thread lift is action to correct the skin or body with a particular method so that the skin can be formed according to wishes of the patient, such as skin tightening, raising nostril, eliminating doublechin, wrinkles on the face, reduce eye puffiness, tighten the breast, disguise scarring strechmark, and others associated with anti-aging action. However, in principle how fundamentally Thread lift actually have the following functions:

  • Lift and tighten skin (Strong Lifting and Tightening), due to the influence of PDO which stimulates growth of collagen in the skin.
  • Forming part of the body and the skin (Skin Firming) such as forming a V line and S line, because the function of an interesting thread like skin on the face.
  • Stimulate skin rejuvenation and brighten skin tone (Skin Rejuvenation and Whitening), it is due to Collagen substance that is rejuvenate and brighten skin, bleak as the baby's skin is rich in collagen (increasing age of the less production of collagen body)
  • Eliminate wrinkles (Wrinkle Removal (e.g. Nasolabial Folds etc.)), when the skin becomes taut automatically wrinkles due to age will be masked
  • Eliminate skin problems such as acne (Skin Trouble Removal (e.g. Acne etc.) as a result of skin rejuvenation process as the effects of the substance Collagen is stimulated by a thread PDO
  • Eliminate scarring on the skin (Scar Filling), with the growth of collagen in skin healthy it will automatically shut down the body's skin tissue is scar tissue asleep and then raised again
  • Have maximal function when combined with the filler and Botox (Multiple application with fillers or Botox)
  • Effect / results immediately visible after the treatment (High patient satisfaction because of its immediate effect), when compared with plastic surgery that takes weeks to cure thereby inhibiting the activity.
The principle of these functions and then just how expertise doctors to use these functions in correcting parts of the body and skin to be more visible up according to the needs of the patient.

On the other hand measures Yarn Garden thread lift although considered a nonsurgical safest action, we must also take into account the risks remain Planting thread that may occur after this medical action, because every person's physical condition is basically different from each other. it is often to be faced by the treating doctor. the accuracy of the analysis, expertise, as well as flight hours doctors are usually the most decisive in avoiding these risks.

In general there are some risks that need to be known by the patient before taking action thread lift Yarn Plant, among others:
  • Bruises on the former entry of the thread, it is usually caused by rupture of blood vessels, especially in the parts of the skin which is rich in blood vessels such as the eyelids. but the bruising is usually very easily treated and usually do not last longer (1-2 days). Usually it will be given a special cream that bruise quickly deflated.
  • The thread that has entered stand out, this usually happens because after the treatment, the patient's many activities or talk, but usually when the thread is attached on the face it is better not to open his mouth wide as it will cause a shift in the thread that has entered the skin tissues. but this can be corrected by a doctor. the doctor will usually give free retouch chance after the action, and when the thread protruding retouch be corrected / repaired.
  • Asymmetrical shape, this is rare, the probability is usually below 5%, this occurs when the left and right are not the same, and a new look after 1-2 days post action. it can also be corrected at the time of retouch may in certain parts will be added multiple threads to be symmetrical back.
  • Unexpected effects, it can happen but it is likely below 1%. such as bleeding, infection, or damage to the nervous tissue. In these cases, when the planting action yarn thread lift done by people who are not competent. because the action thread lift principally performed at the point of safe layer of skin, for it is not advisable to take action thread lift handled not by doctors. because only doctors who understand in depth the anatomy of the human body. 

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