GRADIENT LIPS Techniques to Look Beautiful

One more trend of Korea which was then booming in the world is Gradient Lips. Currently Korea is like the mecca of beauty to fashion trends. Those who diligently watch the latest Korean drama must have at least have seen how the shape of the gradient lips may even before knowing his name. Yup! Just like its name, revealing their lips gradient gradation on your lips. The results of the gradient perfect lips is more striking color in the lips and fades into the outer rim. 

Gradient lips would be perfect if combined with natural make-up style used for everyday activities such as campus, work, or just hang out with my buddies. You will look more fresh and adorable. Though perfect when paired with natural make-up, you can still make the gradient lips for formal occasions girls! 

Gradient lips is supposedly he was first popularized by Ullzangs is the term for Korean internet celebrity pretty and popular. Today almost all Korean celebrities wear gradient technique lips to show his best performance on screen and off site. Like most Korean beauty trend that carries the theme cute, gradient lips also are one of them. This technique makes your lips look adorable and cute!

To make lips this gradient, you need at least two lip color with a different color. apply a lip tint with a more striking color on the inside of the lips. Not too much daub lip tint, gradient lips because this is basically the "personnel" from a series of natural makeup, just a few touches lip tint and align it with the second stick inner lip, then rubbed soft color on the lips outside. You can also add a concealer to sweep the lip line is usually darker than the lip. Concealer will also disguise the shape of your lips and make it look small and cute.

If the end result looks there are gradations in the color of your lips, then congratulations! You managed to create a gradient lips, good luck!

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