Hair Style Tips Male Preferred

Men love to see the figure of a beautiful woman. No wonder 82 percent of men consider hair is an important part of a woman's sexual attraction. While 60 percent of men said that like the woman of the appearance of hair rather than the form of his chest.
Here I'll tell some of the hairstyles favored by men who could be a preference for all of you who are want to change your hair style.

1. Long & Straight
Allowing straight hair straggling style is quite simple, classic yet chic (chic). Seen from an evolutionary perspective, men like the hair that looks clean and healthy, like that of Demi Moore or Anna Faris. Why? "The hair is beautiful to show that a woman is to follow a balanced diet and good physical health and a sign that the woman is the ideal partner.

2. Luminous
The hair is soft, fluffy and shiny makes men want to touch it. According to the man I love this hairstyle because it symbolized youthfulness and vitality.

3. Shaggy Section
Short hair with shaggy and layered pieces, confirms cheekbones and her eyes, which must also issue a sexy aura.

4. Pixie Cut
The experts found women who believe themselves do not need to hide behind her long hair, plus, super short hair with a fine tipped bangs that frames the face will make her look very sensual.

5. The bun Random
The men do not really care if a woman styled hair is very neat and stylish. Instead, his attention will be distracted when a woman let a few strands of hair loose from her bun, especially at the sides and back. Men see it as a wild side, free and relaxed women-owned.

6. Ponytail
Most women who have long hair may often wear her hair like this. High menguncir style the hair will show slender neck; one of the assets that make a woman look sexy in the eyes of men. Few remaining strands of hair left behind will increasingly make it look sexy without trying much. Plus, ponytail make a woman look younger and cheerful.

7. Surging
Wavy hair will look thicker too sexy. This will give you the feel of beauty more about her in the eyes of men. What men want is a woman who can look sexy and certainly confident.

8. Braided
Do you remember when the little time running around with hair braided? Now you can still look sexy and chic with hair braids although not a kid anymore. You could also make a braid a little bit messy for the impression of sexy and relaxed.

9. Curling
Blessed if women have naturally curly hair. Curly hair gives the impression of resolute, bold, and full of mystery in the eyes of a man.

10. Slightly Messy
Men love women makeup when I wake up, with hair slightly messy and candid. It is more natural look and gives the impression of wild.


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