All About Lipstick

The women generally always use lipstick as dominant after the makeup eye makeup. Matte or glossy, is not a problem because it's just a choice. Believe me, any color will always match the color of your skin. Mistrust left alone, makes you just use one color each day.
You know, give a special accent while applying lip to make lips look sexy. Well, a few tips for you so lips look charming on the show special.

Choose a lipstick color, texture also select a lipstick. In order to impress sexy, choose a textured wet. If you want to look elegant, select a lipstick with a matte texture and also consider the durability of the lipstick. If your special occasion last long or interspersed with the meal, you should choose a lipstick with anti-fade formula. 

Once confident with your choice, it is time the smear. Apply lip moisturizer beforehand to avoid dehydration on the lips. Use a lip balm that contains no oil. 

Because not all brightly colored her lips, then use a foundation with oil-free formula to disguise the dark color of the lips, to hold the lipstick that does not fade fast, and of course that lipstick color is really the  maximum. However, if your lip color is not too dark or just specific sections such troubled corner of the lips, then use concealer to cover it with a thin applying a way the part is then blend with a brush.

Apply lips with a lip pencil. Apply lips with the pencil in small lines that connect each other so that it looks neat and not too thick. Or if you find it difficult to form using a lip pencil, then apply a thin concealer on the outer lip line and blend with a brush in order to appear natural. 

When finished with the problem of lip color, it is time to polish lipstick. For best results, use a lip brush. Start from the outer corner of the lower lip continue to fill until the middle of the lips. 

Repeat the same on the upper lip. After completion of all, put lips on a tissue to diminish the excess color. For optimal results, lip stick on a powder puff (preferably made of velor, a kind of material towels were thick and fluffy and not that of a sponge). Put lipstick again to further confirm. 

For a more dramatic impression, dab in the middle of the upper and lower lips slightly lighter color than the color of lipstick base. For example if you use red chili, use red golden middle. Then put lips. This will give the impression of full lips. As a final step, affix lip gloss at the center of the lips. Lip gloss varnish serves to keep the lips do not release the entire color lipstick lips and out of the lip line.

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